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“The Foresight model has been our go-to recommendation for financial modeling for founders in Launch Pad for years. Taylor has done a great job building a template that walks you through the process of building your financial model and is not intimidating to non-spreadsheet jockeys. The most important part of a financial model for early stage companies is to go through the process of building it, whether it proves right or wrong isn’t the point, you’ll dial it in over time. But you can’t ignore it and say it’s not important as founders can tend to do. Love this model for early stage founders.”
Chris Schultz, Launch Pad and Kung Fu

“Taylor is awesome and I’ve have been working with him at Moment. These templates are fantastic.”
Marc Barros, Co-Founder of Moment

“Highly recommend these models by Taylor. He’s laid the foundation so founders can really dig in.”
Gerard Ramos, Co-Founder and CEO of Revelry

“Taylor’s financial models are not only rock-solid, they’re easy to use and well-commented, just like good code. You can spend 20 hours building your own spreadsheet that still won’t be nearly as good…or you can buy these, hit the ground running with a proven model and start plugging in your own numbers and customizing it for yourself immediately. It’s a no-brainer.”
Clay Hebert, Founder of CrowdfundingHacks

“I meet with numerous early stage entrepreneurs weekly and I always advise them to check out Taylor’s model. It helps them think through and gain a deeper understanding of their business, while helping them present financials in the way investors want to see them.”
Robyn Ward, New Media Ventures, United Talent Artists

“I used the models mainly to learn how and when to apply modeling. I learned that if you put in numbers you think are conservative for early growth, you can wind up in absurdland very quickly when projecting forward a few years. I learned to visualize the effect of compounding returns. … I also learned that some players in the startup game don’t want or need to see a financial model. They want your story. The model is for you to tighten up your understanding of your business and your possibulities. It serves to inform and support you in creating your story. The model is not your business.”
Zep Dropkin, Founder of RentHackr

“Taylor’s financial models saved me an incredible amount of time for a task that is not only critical, but also dauntingly time consuming. His model is not only powerful, but flexible enough to customize for your specific needs. Seriously, don’t waste your time setting up a half-baked spreadsheet yourself. Get this now.”
Brian Wang, CEO and Co-Founder of Fitocracy

“… we were able to give a more-than-adequate response to those select investors who actually wanted to see a financial model. I don’t think any of them expect anything this complex, but they’re happy to see that you’ve thought about it in such a thorough way. Internally, I was surprised at how a “chore” became a huge benefit! It forced us to have conversations and think about our costs and how much we could spend on things like travel and marketing software; we also thought about our hiring strategy for the next couple of years and how that might impact sales, as we are an inside sales-driven company. It gave me a sandbox to tap into my quantitative side and understand my company in a deeper way.”
James Li, Founder of Encore Alert

Download a template financial model

Financial model templates for startups and investors. Downloaded by over 15,000 entrepreneurs from 25 countries. Use in any spreadsheet program.

Customizeation and Advisory Services

My approach is simple: give you the financial strategy and insight you need to success.

Need to customize your model specifically for your business? I've helped thousands of entrepreneurs build their financial projections and tell the story behind their financials as a venture capitalist, advisor, or mentor.

Are you looking to fundraise but don’t know how much to raise or where to start with building a financial model? Do you want help taking your current fundraising deck or a financial model to the next level? Are you closing a deal but don’t have resources to develop term sheets? I have helped thousands of entrepreneurs and I can help you.


I'm Taylor Davidson. I first created and released the financial models behind Foresight in 2008 as a resource for entrepreneurs and early-stage startups to download easy to use financial model templates.

Over the past 7 years, I have continued to modify and revise the models based on feedback from the people who downloaded the models and used that in their startups. I've directly worked with thousands of entrepreneurs as a venture capitalist, advisor, or mentor, and between my financial models and personal advice I have helped startups secure over $100 million in funding.

I care about financial modeling because I believe that financial models are one key for us to make “strategy” actionable. Financial models can help even the earliest entrepreneurs with business decisions. We can build “minimum viable models” the same way we build “minimum viable products”. Financial model literacy can and should be a part of startup culture but first we have to rethink how financial models are built. Financial models can help entrepreneurs make critical business decisions.

That’s why I built these templates.

More about my purpose.

Download a template financial model

Financial model templates for startups and investors. Downloaded by over 15,000 entrepreneurs from 25 countries. Use in any spreadsheet program.

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