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Fund Advisory. 

Services for venture capital funds and angel investors.

The Venture Investor Model is a tool to help venture capitalists and angel investors to track existing investments, forecast future investments, and forecast the investment returns from their portfolio strategy. The model is flexible enough to use for any investment strategy (early- and/or late-stage) and any fund size. Market benchmark data is built into the model, and you can customize the model to fit your own market expectations. Create a forecasted portfolio of investments with a simple set of assumptions around fund size, average check size, follow-on allocation, and exit multiples, and a default forecast is created in minutes. Dig in deeper into the fund mechanics and customize to any level of detail, evaluating one’s current portfolio, layering in forecasts, looking at cash flows and key fund metrics over the lifetime of the fund.

For many investors, the tool is all they need, but as a venture capitalist, accelerator mentor, and consultant to multiple funds (more about me), I have led or assisted in creating investment strategies, operational processes, and portfolio forecasts for over 90 venture capital funds, angel investors, accelerators, and incubators.

Investment Strategy, Market Development and Sourcing

Refine your investment thesis and approach to market development, investment sourcing, and fund operations. I’ve helped investors think through their capital allocation strategies, check-size and positioning in the marketplace, support operations, and investment strategy.

Portfolio Tracking and Capital Forecasting

In addition to the Venture Investor Model, I’ve built custom analysis and portfolio tracking tools in Excel and Google Sheets - leveraging additional data sources when needed or desired - to help investors track their portfolio and forecast their cash flow and range of investent returns. We can go over an existing portfolio or simply evaluate a forecated portfolio based on your investment strategy. In addition, on a retainer basis, I work with angel investors and funds as an outsourced CFO to manage portfolio tracking and investment performance.


I work on a project or retainer basis, depending on your needs. If you are interested in learning more, email me at


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