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Workshops and Bulk Pricing. 

Special Deals for Incubators, Accelerators, and Universities.

Bulk Licensing: 30% discount for more than 5 licenses.

For incubators, accelerators, and universities looking to purchase a model for a group of startups or entrepreneurs, bulk license purchasing is available at a discount. A license covers one model, and can be used for any of the startup financial models available (venture capital model is not available for bulk licensing).

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Seminar, One-Day and Multi-Day Workshops

For universities, I am happy to chat about guest lecturing for your class (undergrad and graduate level), remote or in-person, as well as teaching seminars at your school. I’ve taught financial modeling classes through General Assembly and Skillshare, and given lectures about venture financing at Carnegie Mellon, Univerity of Virginia, School of Visual Arts, Loyola Marymount University, and more.

For accelerators and incubators, as a venture capitalist I have been a mentor at TechStars, ERA (Entrepreneur’s Roundtable Accelerator), AlphaLab, The Brandery, Launch Pad, Alchemist Accelerator, and more, and have worked with startups on product strategy, market strategy, financial projections, pitching, and fundraising. I have worked with thousands of startups building financial projections to help them raise investment capital.


1 hour or 1.5 hour seminar on how to think about a business using a financial model. Introduce concepts on how to use operating and financial data together in a financial model, and how to structure the building blocks of a model from inputs to effective model design to understanding the outputs. We use a sample model and sample company to show how a business idea can be represented.

One-Day Workshop

6 to 8 hour workshop on financial modeling, expanding on the seminar structure to dive into understanding the key operational and financial metrics to use to analyze different kinds of businesses, how to construct a flow from website and marketing channels to user acquisition to user retention to revenue and costs, and show how those flow into financial statements. We create a working model during the workshop to provide hands-on experience in using spreadsheets and formulas to think about business operations, strategy, and financials. Participants complete model with a short summary on the key metrics and story about the forecast of their business with a simple presentation and question and answer, depending on size and time of the workshop.

Multi-Day Workshop

Similar to a one-day workshop, except go deeper into explaining core financial terms and provide more time for participatns to build out more complete models during workshop time. Presentation of the model is a key part of the workshop, and Q&A helps demonstrate how a model they build translates to real-life business questions interested parties will care about.

Bulk licensing can be combined with workshops.

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In 5 free lessons I share what I’ve learned from helping 23,000+ early-stage entrepreneurs from 116+ countries learn financial modeling.

+ Get a free template cap table model detailing how investment rounds and exits work for founders and investors.