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Complex modeling assistance for CFOs, executives, investors, and consultancies.

Startup Advisory

I provide advisory modeling services to CFOs, executives, banks, VCs, and consultancies to help them with complex financial modeling challenges. I have worked on a range of projects including M&A transaction support, complex cap table and waterfall models, valuations, business and operational planning, and complex custom data analysis in Excel.

I provide this support on a per-hour, per-project, and retainer basis. Contact me if you are interested in learning more.

Fund Advisory

As a venture capitalist, accelerator mentor, and consultant to multiple funds (more about me), I have led or assisted in creating investment strategies, operational processes, and portfolio forecasts for over a hundred venture capital funds, angel investors, accelerators, and incubators.

Fund Forecasting and Investment Strategy

The Venture Investor Model is a tool to help venture capitalists and angel investors to forecast the investment returns from their portfolio strategy. The model is flexible enough to use for any investment strategy (early- and/or late-stage) and any fund size. Market benchmark data is built into the model, and you can customize the model to fit your own market expectations. Create a forecasted portfolio of investments with a simple set of assumptions around fund size, average check size, follow-on allocation, and exit multiples, and a default forecast is created in minutes. Dig in deeper into the fund mechanics and customize to any level of detail, evaluating one’s current portfolio, layering in forecasts, looking at cash flows and key fund metrics over the lifetime of the fund.

If desired, I can assist in refining your investment thesis and approach to market development, investment sourcing, and fund operations. I’ve helped investors think through their capital allocation strategies, check-size and positioning in the marketplace, support operations, and investment strategy.

Portfolio Tracking and Capital Forecasting

The Venture Portfolio Tracker is a tool to help investors track an existing portfolio of investments - full IRRs, multiples, and ROIs for the overall fund and a number of category and cohorts - and forecast their future cash flows and returns. We can go over an existing portfolio or simply evaluate a forecasted portfolio based on your investment strategy. We can do this on a project basis, setting everything up and creating a process for you to manage it yourself, or on a retainer basis I can assist as an outsourced resource to manage portfolio tracking and investment performance.

Individual Company Investment Strategy

The free Venture Valuation Tool is a tool to help venture capitalists and angel investors forecast the future funding rounds and expected returnsof an individual company. Contained in the Cap Table & Exit Waterfall Tool, the Venture Valuation Tool is an independent sheet that can be used to forecast future funding rounds, your potential participation in those rounds, valuations, likelihood to exit at each stage, exit valuations, option pools, and calculates proceeds, gross multiples and IRRs at each stage given your assumptions. Learn more here ›

Capitalization Tables and Exit Waterfalls

The free Cap Table & Exit Waterfall Tool is built as a product to help people model the impact of funding rounds on the capitalization table of a company, and to forecast an exit waterfall over a range of potential exit valuations. The Cap Table handles a wide variety of funding situations and details, including equity rounds, convertible notes, premoney and postmoney SAFEs, option pool, different note conversion methods, different liquidation preference terms, and much more. The tool is free and has been used by over 7,000 entrepreneurs, investors, lawyers, and accountants; additionally, I provide services to help model complicated cap table and waterfall situations, assisting investors, entrepeneurs, and their lawyers on how to handle certain situations, either using the template, modifying a company’s existing capitalization table, or custom models.


I work on a project or retainer basis, depending on your needs. Contact me if you are interested in learning more.