A New Foresight

New website and new models. Here's how I rebuilt everything about Foresight.

Updated June 2018

I really enjoy building financial models. I built the first template back in 2008 - thank you Nicholas - and I’ve been working on building easier, cleaner, better spreadsheets ever since.

Today I want to share what’s new at Foresight: a new website, a new modular system, new models, and streamlined services.

New Website

The new website is the most obvious change, it’s a drastic revamp that reflects my work to provide more products, tools and services to entrepreneurs. I’ve redesigned how the site explains how the models work and how they help people accomplish their goals. As the number of products have increased, I’ve worked to make it clearer on how to choose between the products for your specific need.

The latest version, released in July 2018, reorganizes how the templates are presented and provides better details on how the features of the models compare. I created a new How it Works page to provide a better explanation on how to use a Foresight template, and expanded on the Help section with more documentation on the models and how to use them. Going forward, creating more documentation and how-tos will be a big focus area for me.

New Models

The refresh also releases a new version of the Standard, Starter, Ecommerce, SaaS, and Services models, all of which had been in beta for a few months, and replaces the Advertising and Marketplace models with the Standard Model. See all models here ›

The Venture Portfolio Model is a brand-new model built to help investors track and report on a portfolio of investments. It offers a much more comprehensive tracking system than the one in the Venture Model, positioning the Venture Model as more for forecasting a new portfolio and the Venture Portfolio Model more for tracking and reporting an existing (and ongoing) portfolio.

The Sales and Inventory Tool and Wholesale Sales Tools are tools that I had previously released through TradeGecko but had not featured on my site. See those here ›

New modular system

This is the biggest product shift since I first released the templates back in 2011. For years, I’ve built each model as a single entity created to solve a set of usecases for different business types. But for the past year, I’ve been working on building a more modular system where the models can build on each other, creating a set of core functionalities that other models can hook into, and creating a set of modular tools that provide more detail around different business types.

The result of this is a standardized financial core with an easy methodology to integrate in any revenue forecast. I created this to help solve the problem with financial model templates, and to make it as easy as possible for you to use a template and minimize the amount of time you have to spend to make it work for you.

To learn more, check out Bring Your Own Model, Modelhooks, and the first modules ›

Streamlined Services

Building a good financial model typically combines practical business thinking, knowledge of a spreadsheet program, and a structured approach towards using the spreadsheet program to reflect one’s business thinking. One of my goals behind building the templates has always been to provide better tools and structures for entrepreneurs to do something that can be a bit hard to learn how to do, and to allow them to do more of it themselves, in less time, without having to constantly pay consultants thousands of dollars to build and modify spreadsheets when something in their business changes, which - let’s face it - is nearly every day.

What I’ve always worked to do is build templates that empower users to do more modeling themselves using the structured approaches I’ve already built to address a wide range of business needs. But I also know that many people need help on those last couple of steps to use a spreadsheet to completely reflect their business, and often don’t want to spend the time themselves doing it. What I’ve done is created ways to streamline the consulting and customization work to enable entrepreneurs to get the exact models they want cheaper, faster, and better.

That’s why the new website better highlights my services to help entrepreneurs build the exact models they need. They are services I’ve always provided to companies, but never presented cleanly or clearly. As a quick overview, I do three basic things:

  • Get Started: Support to help you utilize the model to be the best fit possible for your business.
  • Customization: Growth and revenue model customization in the Foresight templates and custom advisory services for more complex financial modeling assistance

More on Get Started › and Customization ›

Questions, ask anytime, and thank you for your support.