The models are updated based on feature requests and feedback from users, and updates are distributed through this website through your account. The Changelog in each model describes the changes made in each model version.

Your purchase of a model allows you download the latest version of that model at anytime. I use Gumroad to distribute the files; you can always download the most recent version of your model through your original Gumroad receipt. You will also get an email anytime that the model is updated so that you’ll be aware of new updates and can download the latest version. 1

How often are the models updated?

The models are updated when needed, but no more than they have to, as changes can be disruptive to users. All purchasers get updates of new versions automatically by email, and the models come with Changelog sheets that describe the changes that happen in each model version.

Most of the time the changes are new features that are optional for users to add. If the updates are critical, the email updates will note that the updates are necessary and the Changelog sheet inside the relevant model will provide instructions on how to make the updates.

I am always working on updates to the models, working to add in new features or make changes based on requests by users. The latest update date can be found in the Changelog in each model. If you have any questions on the product roadmap for any model, just contact me.

  1. For purchasers prior to late 2011, I used E-Junkie to distribute the files, and simply contact me to get the latest version of a comparable model.