Use Shiny to hire a fractional CFO website

Shiny is a marketplace of vetted fractional CFOs (and other C-level execs) who have worked with outstanding companies, from top startups like Jeeves and Fairmint to SMBs such as Empire Flippers and Operator.

Shiny matches and introduces fractional executives to companies based on specific experiences and requirements, time commitment, budget, and more.

The process is simple: schedule a call with them and they will walk you through the process of creating a job post. You’ll then be matched to candidates and receive cover letters from ideal fractional CFOs for you within 48 hours.

It is free for startups to use unless you hire someone full-time from their marketplace.

Why I am sharing Shiny

  • I don’t do fractional CFO work, but tons of people ask me to do it
  • When I learned about Shiny, I thought it was the perfect solution for startups to find solid fractional CFOs [1]
  • There are tons of fractional CFOs out there, but only a subset of them are going to provide really valuable advice and do a great job
  • Shiny makes it easy for any startup looking for a fractional CFO to find and choose from a few top options, curated for your company and needs

How to use Shiny

Get started by scheduling a call with Shiny → Typeform for scheduling

  1. Disclaimer: I liked it so well, I also invested in the company. More of my investments here. ↩︎