How to use Summit to build financial projection models

Summit is a web application to build powerful financial models for companies. Created by a repeat entrepeneur with a background in forecasting, Summit aims to replace the spreadsheet with dynamic, event-driven models to create financial models to compare scenarios, track to goals, and analyze what-ifs. How does it work?

Summit allows you to define little building blocks of business activity called events. Like the cells of a spreadsheet, events can hold values, contain logic, repeat with a specific frequency (daily, weekly, monthly, yearly, etc.) and even point to each other. When you're ready, you can flow these events through our simulator and view the output in the form of a business forecast.

Additionally, Summit also offers integrations with Baremetrics, ChartMogul, ProfitWell, Stripe, and many banks and financial institutions to pull in actual data around your performance metrics and account balances.

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Why I am sharing Summit

You might ask, why am I sharing a company that aims to eliminate the spreadsheet for financial projections? I have always worked to provide the best financial tools for a founder, investor, or finance professional to make meaningful decisions about key strategic and operational decisions for their business, and my goal is to help someone answer those questions and setup the right processes, whether they use a spreadsheet financial model template or not.

Personally, I don't believe in the dichotomy between spreadsheets and web apps for managing a company's financials, and I believe there are product and business reasons for why one may choose to use a spreadsheet tool - like Foresight, ahem - to create projections and analyze a company's operational and financial performance. But there are situations where web tools can provide a better user experience for building financial models that you can use on an active, recurring basis to manage a company's financials. Within companies, finance is a function that has not yet seen the explosion of tools and platforms that development, design, management, collaboration, communication, and human resources have benefited from,

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How to use

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