Technical specifications and credits for this website.

Hi! This website was concepted, designed and coded by me, built using Eleventy, leveraging Tailwind and Alpine. I'm a customer of both Tailwind UI and Alpine UI, both were fantastic resources and templates to help create the components of the site. Even though I've built my own websites since 1998, templates and components (as well as educational resources like GitHub and Stack Exchange) are a huge help in getting me from a concept to a product. From a design perspective, I am primarily inspired by the design and interactions of European ecommerce websites, love photography websites, and am constantly thinking about how to mix commerce with personality, mystery, and a bit of fun.

The site is hosted with Netlify and I use Fathom for web analytics. The site has come a long way since it was first created in 2015, from static HTML to Statamic to Eleventy (the most recent change, in 2022), across a couple different domain names, and evolved from a side project that helped pay the rent to a full-time job.

The icons are from Heroicons, and any photos and screenshots on the site are taken by me, unless credited otherwise. I've been testing using DALL-E for creating illustrations for some blog posts, which has been fun (the prompts used for each DALL-E created image are in the image alt tag, if you're curious). I'm a happy user of Gumroad to power template downloads and purchases, Maven for hosting my cohort courses, and Harvest for invoicing and time tracking for custom work.

People sometimes ask where the .is comes from; the short story is that I was inspired by a spate of .is domains back in the early/mid 2010s, including mentoring.is and ryan.is, and for some reason, despite my best attempts, I haven't shifted to the 50ish domain names I've purchased over the years with the intention to replace it.

Questions, ask anytime.

👋 Taylor Davidson