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In addition to the financial modeling templates, I provide custom services on a per-project and per-hour basis; I typically work in-depth with 50-100 clients a year, and I've built custom models for hundreds of clients since 2005 across a wide range of businesses, from ecommerce, SaaS, advertising, digital media, content, media, retail, gaming, in-app businesses, investment funds, and more, varying from pre-Seed, Seed and Series A funded startups to mature multi-million dollar businesses.

Taylor Davidson, Founder of Foresight

Taylor Davidson

Experienced · Founder, Foresight

Pittsburgh, PA

Of course, I'm not always a fit for what a company needs, so I am building a base of experienced professionals to recommend to potential clients for financial models, business plans, pitch decks, valuations, and more.

When am I not a fit? I focus on modeling for startups and venture funds, building company proforma financials, modeling investment strategies, cap table scenario planning, and forecasting investor returns. I do not work with many mature or late-stage companies, on leveraged buyouts, consolidation strategies, or investment structures typical for late-stage private equity, real estate, or hedge funds. I work on a lot of short-term projects with clients on a one-off and repeating basis, I do not generally take long-term projects, part-time CFO, or retainer-style enagements.

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