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Best Practices and Resources for Financial Modeling

The best resources, templates, and posts about financial modeling and startups on the web.

UPDATED 2017After years of building financial models for over 18,200 people in 98 countries I have seen a lot of commonly asked questions about best practices, resources and templates. I started compiling a list of financial modeling resources on the web, and over time that list has grown. I’m constantly updating this so if I missed something let me know. Contact me.

Financial Model Best Practices and Spreadsheet Design

General Startup Financial Model Excel Templates

Financial Modeling Software ($)

SaaS Financial Model Templates and How-To

Ecommerce Financial Model Templates and How-To

Marketplace Templates and How-To

Financial Models and Portfolio Math for Venture and Angel Investors

Resourcing and Operations Tempates for Agencies

User Acquisition and Growth

Revenue Models and Forecasts

Metrics and Datapoints for Startup Financial Models

Cap Tables, Valuation, Equity, and Convertible Note Mechanics

Metrics and Dashboards How-To

Pitch Decks


Employee Equity Valuation and Structure

Board Meetings and Metrics Dashboards


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