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I'm always looking to meet great people that combine financial modeling skills with business acumen to assist with my custom model services.

Financial Modeling Contractors

I am always interested in meeting people that can assist with my custom financial modeling services. Background is likely someone with a skillset in financial modeling, acquired through investment banking, venture capital, startups, corporate finance, or accounting.

I work on a range of small to larger projects to assist people in using their Foresight templates, and most often I am looking for support on building custom revenue models into their template. I’ve designed the templates so that the integration work between a custom revenue model and the financial core is minimal, and while knowing the basic structure and setup of my templates is a requirement, knowing in detail how the templates work is less important than knowing how to understand a business and model its growth and revenues.

To understand the model structure and the type of custom work that I often do, read these posts:

Typically I lead the project with the client and you support me, and you will get the chance to work with me on defining scope, interact with the client, and learn how I build models through the process of delivering quality work for clients. The majority of my projects are 3 to 10 hours and billed by the hour, and I pay by the hour.

Contact me if you’re interested in connecting to learn more and get on my list of contractors.

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