Foresight Features

  • Alternatives to Foresight

    Here's a few alternatives to Foresight to help you select the best financial modeling tool for your needs, and how you can combine any template with a Foresight model.

  • Bring Your Own Model

    Foresight's Bring Your Own Model (BYOM) functionality allows you to build or bring your own growth and revenue model and easily use it to replace the default growth and revenue model in Foresight's Standard Model.

  • Changelog

    A quick note on the Changelog sheet in each model.

  • Hooks

    Hooks is a key feature to the Standard Model that makes the Bring Your Own Model functionality work. Here's how it works to make the process of integrating Foresight modules, custom revenue models, and non-Foresight models as easy as possible.

  • How to add in additional revenue streams

    The revenue model in the Standard Model enables you to model up to two revenue streams from one user base. Here's how you can add in more revenue streams.

  • How to extend the models for more months, quarters, and years

    By default, the models are built by month for either 3 or 5 years. Here's how to extend them if you need to model more periods.

  • How to Integrate Foresight with Visible

    Integrate Foresight with Visible to report historical and forecasted metrics to internal and external stakeholders. Here's the background on how to use it and a step-by-step integration guide.

  • The Default Revenue Model

    The default revenue model in the Standard Financial Model is prebuilt to handle a wide variety of business models. Here's an explainer on how it works.

  • What is a module?

    Explaining how modules work with the Standard Model system.

  • Why is my revenue model not generating a revenue forecast?

    tl;dr, Check your acquisitions and conversions.