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Recommended software

I recommend using Microsoft Excel ™ or Google Sheets ™ for financial modeling, both in general and for Foresight templates specifically.

In practice, I use Excel to build and edit models, and Google Sheets to share or collaborate with users. Excel is usually a faster platform for building models, but Sheets can be easier for sharing models with people.

Foresight’s models can be used in both interchangeably; simply upload the Excel formated model template from Foresight into Google Sheets, and everything will work fine. 1

Apple Numbers, Zoho Sheet, and Quip Spreadsheets aren’t the best for robust financial modeling or for Foresight templates; I’ve used OpenOffice Calc without issues but would still recommend Excel or Google Sheets.

Additionally, Foresight is compatible with a few software platforms:

  • OnPlan is a web app built to help you forecast, budget, and collaborate with your team. OnPlan integrates with your existing Microsoft Excel or Google Sheets financial model, and you can provide them with your existing model and their customer success team will convert it into our platform and extend its functionality with dashboards, charts, and more. Foresight is compatible with OnPlan, and you can upload your Foresight Starter or Standard Model into OnPlan if you want to upgrade to a collaborative software platform for financial modeling.
  • Visible is a web app for business updates, allowing you to capture key performance data and share your story with your stakeholders. Foresight’s forecasts and reports can be fed into Visible using their Google Sheets integration, detailed at Integrating with Visible.

  1. Some older versions of Foresight models will have issues in re-downloading models from Google Sheets into Excel because of the way the two spreadsheet products process array formulas differently, but newer versions eliminated the array formulas to simplify that process. 

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