Celebrating a business milestone

Oct 27, 2023 · $1 MM in template sales on Gumroad

Taylor Davidson

CEO / Founder

Screenshot from Gumroad

Today I am celebrating a Foresight milestone: $1 million in sales from templates and tools. I started creating tools and templates for companies about 15 years ago, and starting selling them over ten years ago, iterating, refining, revamping, and learning how to make tools for entrepreneurs and venture capitalists to use to make business decisions.

I'm just as proud about the over 39k people that have downloaded a template via Gumroad (a portion of the total downloads and customers I've had across different platforms). My original goal behind Foresight was to make building models and forecasts easier, better, faster, and cheaper, so that more people could understand how to build models on their own. Creating free tools and templates has always been core to my mission and helps drive an impact to all entrepreneurs of all stages, geographies, and paths.

I am as energized as ever to continue to improve the tools and use the newest technologies in the space. Thank you for your ideas, comments, assistance, and support, appreciated as always.

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