Here are the causes we support.

I’m Taylor Davidson. I started building the financial model templates that became Foresight in 2008, and have helped over 35,000 entrepreneurs understand the financials and economics behind their businesses. I work with entrepreneurs of all levels, from all countries, and my goal has always been to provide tools and practical knowledge to help people feel confident in the financials of their businesses.

I’ve always built Foresight toward the goal of having an impact beyond just the business, and I’m working on being more explicit about Foresight’s impact.

An impact report is in progress, to be complete by the end of 2020. Until then, check out Foresight’s impact alignment at Venture Better as a starting point.

In 2020 I have been incubating an impact and advocacy program to partner with organizations that align with my interests, and I am framing it around three core pillars of education, equality, and the environment. In 2021 I’ll be working to build explicit commitments, partnerships, and measurements of progress. Contact me if you’re interested in partnering.

Education & Equality

Financial literacy has been a core underpinning of my work over the years. Budgeting, spending habits, saving, borrowing, investing, are all skills I was taught and have continued to learn throughout my life, and I enjoy sharing and teaching those skills to others. I acknowledge the priviledge I had to learn these skills at an early age, and the advantages I have had in building my personal financial literacy. I will support causes that help teach personal financial skills to kids, young adults, and people from disadvantaged communities, with a particular interest in financial literact programs that help to promote equality and opportunity.


An avid backpacker, hiker, and outdoorsman, I believe in sustaining and preserving our environment. I plan on partnering with causes that work to help people get outdoors and enjoy nature, to organizations that protect out environment, to organizations that seek to address the root causes of the environmental crisis.

In November 2020 I started contributing 1% of revenues from consulting projects toward carbon removal through Stripe Climate. I am working on a similar offer for revenues from purchases of model templates, in development for 2021.

Giving Back

In addition, I am committing to helping nonprofits and social impact organizations understand their financials and create budgets and forecasts.Contact me is you are a nonprofit or social impact organization for free and discounted products and consultations.