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Venture Investment Tracker

Venture Investment Tracker


Airtable base for tracking venture investment pipeline, due diligence, and portfolio company information. LP Quarterly Update Writer helps you easily create and edit portfolio company updates and quarterly letters to Limited Partners.

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Graph Advisors works with VCs and Family Offices to develop operational excellence. Most allocators love doing two things: evaluating prospective investment opportunities and supporting their portfolio companies. While most of the projects they take on for clients are focused on fund operations and back office management, they also look for ways to make every firm process more efficient.

Pipeline and Portfolio Tracker

The Airtable Pipeline and Portfolio tracker tool is the foundation for the fund’s quarterly and annual operating cadence. By tracking investment decisions and the backing behind the decisions, this tool builds out the schedule of investments, provides data for the quarterly LP update, and drives alignment between fund accounting, external fund administrators, and the audit team, and ultimately, fill the data room to raise the next fund.

LP Quarterly Update Writer Edition

The LP Quarterly Update Writer Edition includes everything in the free pipeline and portfolio tracker and adds an easy way to provide LPs with quarterly reporting about each portfolio company with the latest valuation, investment, team, overview, and ownership information. Using the information in the tracker, the tool creates portfolio company updates and your quarterly letter to Limited Partners.


This tool is provided by Graph Advisors, a firm that provides services and tools to help venture capital funds and allocators develop operational excellence. Questions, support, and more, contact Graph Advisors.


VC Fund Deal CRM and Pipeline Investment Tracker screenshot

Screenshot of "one pager" portfolio view created by the investment tracker.

VC Fund Deal CRM and Pipeline Investment Tracker screenshot of one-page portfolio view


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