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Growth Forecasting

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Video course created with The Fitzroy Academy to help beginners to financial modeling learn how to think through the financial building blocks of your product and create a month-by-month growth forecast. 50 minutes of instruction over 8 videos, and 3 Google Sheets templates to help you get started.


Video course to teach you how to think through the financial building blocks of your product and create a month-by-month growth forecast. 50 minutes of instruction over 8 videos. Included with a Fitzroy Academy subscription.

  Key features

This course is not about Excel or Google Sheets; while we will cover many basic concepts of spreadsheets used in building financial models, this is aimed to help you learn how to create a monthly forecast of growth and revenues.


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Made for entrepreneurs new to financial modeling that want to learn how to build a growth and revenue forecast, with specific examples and templates for SaaS, ecommerce, and services businesses. This is a beginners-level course.

  Professional modeler and instructor

Built by a professional financial modeler with experience as an investor and running forecasting inside startups. Experienced at teaching financial modeling to thousands of entrepreneurs through Skillshare, General Assembly, and numerous workshops.


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Made by a professional modeler with 20+ years of experience

Taylor Davidson
Founder, Foresight

I created the financial models behind Foresight so early-stage entrepreneurs can spend less time on finance and more time on their products.

  • Started building models for startups in 2000
  • Started Foresight in 2008, full-time since 2014
  • Former NYC-based venture capital investor
  • Experience in ecommerce growth and analytics
  • Former private equity analyst, strategy consulting associate
  • MBA in Finance and Accounting

I care about financial modeling because I believe that financial models can help us make critical business decisions even if the models themselves are not “always right”. Financial models can help even the earliest entrepreneurs if we build “minimum viable models” to focus on the decisions that matter most.

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Created with The Fitzroy Academy

The Fitzroy Academy

The Fitzroy Academy is an online school for entrepreneurs and changemakers based in Melbourne, Australia.

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In 5 free lessons I share the basics of how to model growth, revenues, costs, build financial statements, and summarize your forecasts for business planning and fundraising.

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