Intro to Financial Modeling

Learn how to build financial models specific to your startup to guide decision making and impress investors. Video course with 2 hours of instruction over 27 lessons.

Hi! This is a video course focused on helping beginners to financial modeling learn how to build a model to guide entrepreneurial business decision making and fundraising.

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Who is this course for?

This is aimed at entrepreneurs new to financial modeling that want to learn how to fundamentally think about modeling a business idea, from forecasting users to revenues to costs and beyond. This course is not about Excel and how to build Excel formulas; while we will cover many basic concepts of Excel used in building financial models, this is aimed to help you learn how to assess the viability of a new business idea or raise a round of capital.

How do I use the course?

  • The course can be purchased on its own or in a package with a model.
  • You will receive an activation email to register shortly after purchase.
  • Complete the lessons on your own pace, just login to this website view at any time.

The course is not an instructional guide to the templates, but a beginning intro course on how to think about financial modeling for startups, so the content is applicable regardless of whether you want to use a Foresight template or not. My goal is to enable people to learn how to use numbers to model a business’s future and make strategic business decisions using numbers, and sometimes the best way for an entrepreneur to do that is to learn the fundamentals, in some cases the best option is to use a template, and sometimes the best option is to directly work with me.

Questions on the best path for you, contact me.