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Learn more about your capital options with INTRO.

INTRO is an product to help companies access non-dilutive capital. The process is simple: create an INTRO profile, and INTRO will match you to offers from their partner network for a variety of debt and non-debt funding options, including inventory financing, SaaS subscription financing, revenue-based lending, receivables factoring, mobile app and game financing, ecommerce financing, debt, and more. 1

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The insight to INTRO is that there has been an expansion of financing options emerge as alternatives to venture financing, a form of capital that is not a fit for many businesses at many stages in their development. Companies like Clearbanc, Pipe, and many others offer a variety of financing options for companies that have cashflows and can better leverage the timing of their cash to aid in their growth. Large companies for years have been able to create vendor and supplier arrangements that enabled them to manage their cashflows to create negative payment cycles, being able to receive product and sell to buyers before they owe their suppliers for their products. Traditionally, that form of operational financing has been unavailable to smaller companies, but these new funding options provide that sort of access to capital that can help companies grow without having to sell equity and dilute their ownership.

The key here is to understand the cost of capital you are paying to finance your business. Sign up here to learn more about tools I am working on to help analyze your cost of capital.

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