Customer Care

  • A New Foresight

    New website and new models. Here's how I rebuilt everything about Foresight.

  • Advisory

    Complex modeling assistance for CFOs, executives, investors, and consultancies.

  • Bulk licensing

    30% discount for more than 5 licenses.

  • Coupon and Discount Codes

    Don't search the web for coupon codes. Here's the current coupon codes I offer.

  • Downloads

    Here's how you can download and re-download the models you purchase.

  • Exchanges & Upgrades

    Want to exchange, upgrade to a more advanced model or downgrade to a less advanced model? Here's how.

  • Refunds

    Here's why I do not accept refunds, but do offer exchanges, upgrades, and downgrades. If you have any questions about the applicability of the models for your business, contact me for a chat or a demo before you purchase.

  • Support & Customization

    I offer free email support on all products, and a range of customization and custom services if you want further assistance.

  • Updates

    The models are updated based on feature requests and feedback from users, and updates are distributed through this website through your account. The Changelog in each model describes the changes made in each model version.

  • Welcome to Foresight

    Hi! I'm Taylor. I created the financial models behind Foresight as a resource for entrepreneurs and early-stage startups to spend less time on finance and more time on their products.

  • Workshops & Mentoring

    I've mentored at accelerators, lectured at universities, and taught seminars about financial modeling. I love helping entrepreneurs simplify their financial models and help them feel more in control of their financial projections.