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"Rebuilding our financial model starting with a Foresight template — and layering in Taylor's consulting — saved me a considerable amount of time and resulted in a far more sophisticated model. Working with Taylor allowed me more time to focus on my business and my fundraising. I would recommend a Foresight template to any business owner."
— Eliza Blank, CEO, The Sill

"Taylor was extremely helpful and provided a service that far exceeded our expectations. The model was very well structured and I was able to modify it to my needs. Taylor helped me along the way to make sure I understood the model well. We had great feedback from investors, which is great because it was my first time putting together a financial model!"

— Hiren Umradia, CEO, Zess

The [Venture Investor] model is very in depth and chances are, if you have an issue the model can handle it. If you do need to make modifications and aren't sure exactly what you to do, Taylor is incredibly helpful and responsive over email. He helped me make a few unusual changes to the model and even looked through my changes.

— Evan Diaz de Arce

"A very well constructed and complete model, it has all the options you need to acheive a workable forcast. Taylor was also a great help, he was fast to reply on any questions that I had."
— Dan Etxe, CEO, VineHub

"The model itself was very robust, however, the uniqueness of my business model made it challenging for a person without an certified financial background to utilize and feel confident in the results. If I had a more typical business model, I don't doubt that this would be a great fit. Overall, it was still extremely useful in providing direction on my startup finances and, more importantly, I received personal fast feedback when I needed assistance. When it was clear things were not fitting well, I was able to work hand-in-hand with Taylor to correct course."
— Deneke O'Reilly, CEO, Poolspark

"Taylor provides a very detailed model. This was invaluable to us. The personal service and customisation work that was provided was of the highest level. We were up against a difficult deadline and Taylor worked with us to ensure this was met. We highly recommend the SaaS model, and personalisation work provided by Taylor."
— Chris Griffiths, CEO, OpenGenius

"Taylor worked with us to create a custom model perfect for our unique business that helped us start off on the right foot and quickly plan for growth. I couldn't recommend it more!"
— Ali Greenberg, CEO, The Broad

"There is a lot of information available on the web. Many tools solve part of the problem, some posts provide a small level of insight, others a slightly greater level. After 4 or 5 hours of research, I discovered Foresight. My only wish was to have discovered it earlier! This is the most effective, practical and well thought through modelling template. For such an important and foundational element of a business. to structure and optimise the agreements that are made at an early stage and forecast, with confidence, is a huge problem solved. Thank you!!"
— Carl Pratt, Future Planet

"The best spreadsheets on the market. A MUST HAVE for every startup that is looking to ask themselves the right questions and create a sound projection for investors, and more importantly for their company. Extremely well-thought spreadsheets that helped me tremendously."
— Anonymous, Feedback Survey

"Foresight's model is very professionally constructed, thorough and flexible. It gave us the clarity we needed as an early stage startup to pitch investors with a solid understanding of our financial needs and possibilities. Thanks to Taylor's help and the model we were able to successfully raise capital for our business."
— Daniel Blank, CEO, Toggle

"As a startup coach and repeat entrepreneur myself, I spend a lot of time in spreadsheets. The Foresight tools that I've used are easy to understand, modify, and, perhaps most importantly, the formulas are correct! Beyond the actual spreadsheets, Taylor is a wealth of knowledge and an incredibly quick communicator. He has gone above and beyond what I expected to deliver value."
— Brian Howe, CEO, Format Health

"If you value your time as a startup founder, buying Taylor's model is a no brainer. It lays a solid foundation upon which you can set your assumptions and make your own customisations - don't reinvent the wheel! Having input from an expert like Taylor is also an indispensable resource."
— Philip Kallberg, Cofounder, EatAbout

"Foresight's Venture Model was extremely helpful for us as we mapped out our capital allocation strategy for both existing and forecasted funds. The model is more robust than anything we could have built in-house in such a short time period. It provides all the information we want, from a portfolio dashboard to operating forecasts and financial statements for our funds & management company alike. Taylor's published guidelines make it very easy to navigate the model, and in case that wasn't enough, his customer support has been exceptional -- he is prompt, thoughtful, and generously thoughtful with his responses to our questions. We look forward to continuing to use his products and services."
— Geri Kirilova, Laconia Capital

"Taylor's financial models and consultative support were life savers for me as I put together our investor deck and materials. The template we used was very comprehensive and saved us weeks of work if we had tried to create this ourselves. In addition, Taylor gave us great feedback in terms of our approach which helped us refine our presentation and pitch and continues to be my "go-to" financial modeling expert."
— Heather Holst-Knudsen, CEO and Founder, and KidBacker

"... the best set of resources I’ve seen on financial modeling: Best Practices and Resources for Financial Modeling by Taylor Davidson. He goes pretty deep on some topics; most founders will need and get the most out of just the basic plans."
— David Lee, Refactor Capital

"Anyone can toss together a quick and careless excel spreadsheet but what is it really worth if it doesn't truly tell the story of the business? Taylor took the time to understand the ins and outs of our business and helped build a flexible model that made sense. His guidance and work helped secure us a loan from the bank (who thought it was one of the best models they've ever seen)."
— Matt Katase, Cofounder, Brew Gentlemen

"Foresight's SaaS model is a masterpiece! 6 years of search and hassle with building my own models and using templates is finally over. This is our new source file. When I got stuck in the setup process, Taylor joined my Google Sheet and responded within minutes. Excellent service and a personality focused on learning and improving. We have already allocated Foresight service in our new budget and I look forward to collaborate further!"
— Johan Frentz, Cofounder, Stampr

"These templates are worth their weight in gold. Hired Foresight for a few hours to customize the template and we moved mountains. Best money spent!"
— Michael Margolis, CEO, Choco Libre

Your model is outstanding, both from an organizational stanpoint but also from a technical perspective (coming from a fellow excel nerd). You saved our startup considerable time vs. starting from scratch.

— John Sisson, LIVMOR Inc

"I was referred to Taylor Davidson by my son who, among other things, is an expert financial modeler and said that Taylor is the best. I couldn’t agree more. I purchased the Standard Model from Taylor, and had him modify it for my particular needs (and industry). Taylor worked with me to determine exactly what my needs were, then proceeded to create for me a bespoke model, which I intend to use for many years to come.

Taylor was very patient and methodical in determining my needs, iterating the model as I provided feedback (which included me changing my mind a couple times as to the form of the final product), and very effectively guided me toward creating an elegant and easy to use model. Tayler is a quick study, allowing him to efficiently and expeditiously turn modified versions of the model. Taylor’s pricing is quite reasonable and his work is exceptional.

I wouldn’t think of going anywhere else for my modeling needs.""
— Marc Weisberg, Managing Principal, Soho Investment Partners

"Wow, Wow Wow!

I am a Hong Kong based entrepreneur and before starting an eCommerce company spent 12 years in alternative investments as a fund manager. Even though I am fairly advanced in using Excel and financial models, most of my modeling was done on real estate assets, so eCommerce modeling was new for me.

Taylor's service has been truly amazing. Over the 3 week period when I have been building my eCommerce model Taylor has generously answered all of my questions and returned my emails within 24 hours even over the long Christmas Holiday.

The start-up model applied for eCommerce is excellent and gives a detailed understanding of all the customer acquisition metrics, marketing and sales growth, and how it feeds through to the pro forma financials.

Taylor's service is off the charts outstanding!"

I would highly recommend Taylor's models for any Entrepreneur serious about understanding how their strategy, and marketing efforts will translate to revenues and cash flow.
— Christopher Aiello, Founder

"The Foresight Financial Model is very comprehensive and covers all the main drivers for a variety of business models. What I found really helpful too were the help guides and tips that Taylor included in the beginning of the model to help you reason through coming up with your assumptions and thinking about your business as a whole and what VCs look for. Finally, Taylor was great to work with. He picked up our business model very quickly and provided insight on business drivers and assumptions that I hadn't thought through yet - which really helped me refine my thinking in order to create a more sophisticated and nuanced model."
— Jude Chiy, Founder, HelloHealthy

"Taylor's Startup Model is absolutely amazing. It's infinitely more helpful than materials from authorities like Y Combinator and Harvard Business Review. In my opinion, Taylor is the new authority. His model makes churning out complex conclusions as easy as making simple assumptions. Most importantly, Taylor understands what 99% of experts do not: the real reason to forecast your business at the founding level. It's not to predict and present good looking numbers. It's to make game-changing product, marketing, and strategic decisions using the foundation of a sophisticated model grounded on intelligent assumptions. In his own words, "It's telling the story of your business in math." And the story of your business goes way beyond revenue and expenses. Amazingly, I haven't seen any expert, pundit, or blogger highlight this approach to startup modeling other than Taylor, and after doing this for a while privately, I think he's about to blow up the scene.

Do your business a favor: get his stuff and get to know him. In addition to the amazing model, Taylor gives you attention as if he literally joined your team. He'll help you break apart, analyze, and reconstruct your business model incredibly well. Buying Taylor's Startup Model is like spending $150 and having someone from Goldman Sachs join your team. It sounds too good to be true, but once you communicate with Taylor, you'll see how passionate he is, and how his assistance is done so naturally and swiftly that it's realistic. I strongly recommend you buy and use Taylor's Startup Model. Just "building shit people love" isn't enough anymore. In our world, your numbers need to work. The Startup Model will significantly increase your chances of success."
— Victor Dweck, Cofounder, Waffle



Used by 35,000 people from 116 countries since 2008.

"If you are an #entrepreneur or #startup setting up your financial model is critical. Check out @foresighthq excellent models & advice."
Ed Celis, CEO, Stily

"Taylor’s financial models saved me an incredible amount of time for a task that is not only critical, but also dauntingly time consuming. His model is not only powerful, but flexible enough to customize for your specific needs. Seriously, don’t waste your time setting up a half-baked spreadsheet yourself. Get this now."
— Brian Wang, former EIR, 500 Startups and CEO and Co-Founder Fitocracy

"Taylor is my go-to for anything that has to do with financial models. He has the experience and perspective to help understand business challenges and develop winning business models."
— Matt Sand,

"Taylor's SaaS model has helped me quickly and easily build a financial model. It allowed me to easily capture the assumptions about my business model and discuss them with my investors. Allowing me to close a high six-figure seed round in record time."
— Aaron Vidas, Founder, StrategyBox

"Highly recommend these models by Taylor. He’s laid the foundation so founders can really dig in."
— Gerard Ramos, Co-Founder and CEO, Revelry

"Taylor is awesome and I’ve have been working with him at Moment. These templates are fantastic."
— Marc Barros, CEO and Co-Founder, Moment

"Taylor’s financial models are not only rock-solid, they’re easy to use and well-commented, just like good code. You can spend 20 hours building your own spreadsheet that still won’t be nearly as good…or you can buy these, hit the ground running with a proven model and start plugging in your own numbers and customizing it for yourself immediately."
— Clay Hebert, Founder, CrowdfundingHacks

"I meet with numerous early stage entrepreneurs weekly and I always advise them to check out Taylor’s model. It helps them think through and gain a deeper understanding of their business, while helping them present financials in the way investors want to see them."
— Robyn Ward, former New Media Ventures, United Talent Artists