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free Forecast your cash and runway by inputting your revenues, costs, and funding (optional). Automatically builds charts of cash on hand, cash burn, operating costs, and sources and uses of funds.

This tool is used for forecast your cash and runway. It’s intended to be a simple model with easy inputs for expenses, revenues, and external funding, so that you can get a handle on burn, cash and runway quickly and easily. Input your revenues and costs, and the model will automatically create charts of your burn and runway (over 36 months), a summary of your operating expenses, and an optional sources and uses chart.

This tool is completely open, so you may build in any logic to forecast your revenues and expenses - growth rates, customers, users, employees, etc. - in any way you want. If you want a complete model that contains the same analysis but with prebuilt business and operational logic to forecast revenues and costs, check out the Standard Financial Model.

  • Entrepreneurs at any stage who looking to understand how forecasted revenue and expenses will impact burn, runway, and cash.
  • For a full model including business logic to forecast revenues and operating expenses, along with a consolidated three sheet financial statements, cap table, valuation and more, use the Standard Financial Model.
  1. README. Overview of the model, how it is structured, how inputs are used, how to get support and help.
  2. Get Started. A couple inputs to set the start date of the model and (optionally) the beginning cash balance.
  3. Runway. Three charts that summarize the most important parts of the model, consisting of a) Burn and Runway: a chart that shows net cash burn and cash balance over time, combining revenues, expenses, and any external funding, b) Summary of Operating Expenses: A summary of the cost budget, using the categories you create on the Forecast tab, and c) Sources & Uses: A summary pie chart that shows how the first fundraise - external financing - you put in the model (optional) is used to pay for the summary operating expenses over a period of time.
  4. Forecast. The core of the revenues and expenses forecast, this tab allows you to input your revenues and expenses month over month for 36 months, and sums into quarters and years. Calculated burn, net burn, average 6 month burn, and your cash balance and how it changes over time. Optionally, you can also enter in any external funding rounds, grants, or loans to see the impact on your cash balance.
  5. Changelog. A changelog of changes and edits made to the template over time.

I created the financial models behind Foresight so early-stage entrepreneurs can spend less time on finance and more time on their products. I built the Runway and Cash Forecasting Tool because I wanted to provide an easy, free way to forecast revenues, costs, and runway, with the minimum of effort. I’ve been building and helping entrepreneurs build financial models for startups since 1998. More about my story here.

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