• Causal

    How to use Causal to create probabalistic forecasts and link into the Standard Model.

  • Finmark

    How to get started using Finmark to build financial projections

  • Forecastr

    How to use Forecastr to build financial projections

  • Genius Sheets

    How to use Genius Sheets to pull Quickbooks data into Excel and Google Sheets through reports and custom functions.


    Learn more about your capital options with INTRO.

  • Layer

    How to use Layer to collaborate on budgeting, planning, and reporting using spreadsheets.

  • Money for your tax credits, from Mainstreet

    An offer from Mainstreet, a startup that helps companies find and claim tax credits for your business. Save 25% by signing up through Foresight.

  • OnPlan

    How to get started using OnPlan to build financial projections

  • Ramp

    Learn more about Ramp, a corporate card and spend management platform to automate accounting and find cost savings, and get $250 for signing up through Foresight.

  • Summit

    How to use Summit to build financial projection models

  • Tactyc Venture Manager

    How to use Tactyc to build, manage and strategize venture portfolio models.