Money for your tax credits, from Mainstreet

An offer from Mainstreet, a startup that helps companies find and claim tax credits for your business. Save 25% by signing up through Foresight.

Mainstreet is a startup that helps companies find and claim tax credits for your business. How?

It’s simple:

  1. Sign up and connect your payroll tool (Gusto, Rippling, ADP, Justworks, and more)
  2. Mainstreet finds federal and state tax credits applicable for your business
  3. Mainstreet advances you the money, and keeps 20% as revenue for themselves. If no tax credits apply, there’s no cost to you. If you sign up through Foresight, you only pay 15%. 1

Sound easy? It is. If you’re a US company that’s less than 5 years old, with less than $5mm in revenue for the most recent tax year, and doing something in tech, you can likely claim free, non-dilutive capital. In only a few minutes, you can see what credits are available for your company. Over 87% of companies that inquire are supported by Mainstreet, and the average Mainstreet customer saves $51k.

Why should you try Mainstreet?

The fact is, the US government earmarks over $150 billion in tax credits per year for startups and small businesses, but only 4% of this money is claimed. Governments want businesses to claim these tax credits, but it’s often very hard for startups to spend the time to find and manage the paperwork to claim them.

Mainstreet continues to find new tax credits

Mainstreet tips the scale in your favor, and it doesn’t just do it one time: by connecting your payroll account, they continue to search for and claim credits on your behalf, such as funds for hiring new people. When Mainstreet identifies a new tax credit, they inform you and automate the claim process. While tax credits can only be claimed when you file your taxes, Mainstreet immediately advances you money (without interest), meaning you can realize the tax savings today.

I’ve spent a lot of time reviewing and looking for products and services to help companies manage their financial infrastructure - more offers to come - and when I came across this one, it made immediate sense to me.

You can sign up through Foresight in two ways:

  1. Book a call with Mainstreet onboarding to learn more →
  2. Sign up directly and connect your payroll account →

If you try Mainstreet, tell me if they helped you and how much you saved, I’d love to know. Email me here →

  1. Full disclosure, if you signup through these referral links and Mainstreet finds you tax credits, I will be paid a small compensation out of their earnings (not yours).