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Here's why I do not accept refunds, but do offer exchanges, upgrades, and downgrades. If you have any questions about the applicability of the models for your business, contact me for a chat or a demo before you purchase.

Why do I not accept full refunds? I wanted to explain a bit about why I do accept full refunds, as I know this may not be a popular policy.

I used to offer a full refund policy, no questions asked. But it was abused, blatantly abused by people that would purchase a model and respond nearly instantly asking for a refund with no explanation. Or in some cases people requested for a refund - even though they confirmed the model did what they wanted - because it did a few things they didn’t need. And I processed the refunds, because that was my policy.

With a physical product, returns and refunds is easier to justify, because once you’ve sent the product back, you don’t have it anymore, and a merchant can resell it. But with a digital file, there’s no way for me to “take it back”.

In addition, I find that some purchasers that requested refunds simply didn’t understand how to use the model, but once I was able to explain to them how to use it for what they wanted to accomplish, they loved the model. Financial modeling can be a complicated thing; I’ve worked hard to make the models as easy to use as possible, but this is a fundamentally hard thing, and often with a little hand holding and direction I’m able to successfully guide people on how to use the model.

To stop the abuse and help people use the models, I adopted a no refund policy in 2016. I’ve had a few complaints - less than five out over a thousand purchases - and it’s worked in sharply cutting out the abuse.

Exchanges, upgrades, and downgrades

I do want to help you find the right model. To that end, I generally offer exchanges, upgrades, and downgrades:

  • I do generally offer exchanges for similar-priced models if we determine that a different model is a better fit based on your needs.
  • I offer upgrades to more advanced models (only charging the difference in prices) if you require a more detailed approach to your model.
  • In select cases I offer downgrades to a less advanced model if the model you purchased is more than you need. If I process a downgrade, I will partially refund you for the difference between the models (purchase price only, not VAT).

For all, just contact me and we can chat about what you are looking to do and find the right model for you.

If you have any questions about the applicability of the models for your business or questions about the models, contact me before purchase, and you can explain a bit about what you’re looking to accomplish and I’ll help figure out if the models are a good fit for you. If you’re looking for more information not covered online, I’m also generally happy to do an online demo. Schedule that by emailing me.