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Support & Customization

I offer free email support on all products, and a range of customization and custom services if you want further assistance.


Free support by email is included in the purchase of any product.

Simply contact me by email, chat, phone, WhatsApp, Messenger, text - I’m happy to help. I do my best to respond promptly and advise on how to use the templates for your usecase, and I’m happy to take a look at your model to make sure you are using it correctly for your situation. Support on understanding and using the models is always free. 1

Get Started Services

For most users, the template and free email support is enough for them to build the financial model they need. If interested, I provide further assistance - called Get Started - to help users get started in using their template.

  • Call and screenshare for assistance in getting started and using a Foresight template for your specific situation
  • Assistance in customizing Foresight templates
  • Translate your existing models into a Foresight structure
  • Refine or review your existing model

Here’s the typical process:

  • First, we discuss your goals for your financial model and outline how to use a Foresight template (purchased separately).
  • We determine if any customization is necessary to fit your business, and develop a plan on the most important things to use or adapt in the model to make it a perfect fit for your business.
  • Then, after any needed customization and after you have input your assumptions, we review the finished model. Focus is typically on the cost budget, unit economics, revenue model, and key metrics, creating a plan on how to communicate your business to investors.
  • If you have an existing model that you want to input into a financial model, I can roll over your model into a Foresight template, transferring your core assumptions, revenue structure and costs into a Foresight template.
  • If you have existing financial and operating metrics you want to use in your model and need assistance, I can roll your historical financials and metrics into a Foresight template as a base for your forecast.

This is provided for a fixed fee of $295 USD, and covers one 30 minute phone call plus up to 30 minutes of custom modeling offline; if additional time and scope is needed that will be scoped as a custom project. The Get Started support option can be purchased with a model or separately at any time later. Book the call and purchase Get Started here ›

Cap Table Services

We offer a range of services to companies looking to forecast future funding rounds and distribution waterfalls to forecast ownership, returns, and return metrics for entrepreneurs and investors. Leveraging the Cap Table and Exit Waterfall as a base, we can use your existing cap table - often created using an export of the current cap table from Carta, Captable, and Shareworks - in the Cap Table and Exit Waterfall model to create an auditable, transparent forecast of the impact of future funding scenarios.

This is provided for a fixed fee of $495 USD, and covers up to two 30 minute phone calls plus custom modeling offline to create the cap table and exit waterfall analysis. Book the first call and purchase the Cap Table Services here ›

Impact Services

Through partnership with Venture Better, we provide support on leveraging impact:

Get Started - $295 USD

1 hour session to clarify your venture’s connection to impact and identify the most practical next steps. We’ll discuss your mission, how your products and services are used, and how current trends are impacting your business. We’ll also uncover what you’ve already accomplished that can you can build on to understand and authentically communicate how you manage for impact. Schedule with Venture Better →

Outsourced Impact Officer

We’ll cover all the bases to help you integrate impact management into your company. All services begin with the establishment of a basic impact management framework including quarterly management sessions, unlimited basic email support, and one structured session per quarter to implement, integrate, and advance your impact management strategy. Additional support levels and ad-hoc sessions are available as required, ensuring you have dedicated and scaleable impact management capacity. Starting at $2,500/year, book intro call with Venture Better to see if this is a fit →

Custom Impact Support

For ventures that have more complex needs or specific requirements such as preparing to fundraise, identifying impact risks, or in-depth reviews, modelling and analyses. Most projects in this category require 1-5 days of support over the course of 2-6 weeks. Depending on requirements, we’ll provide services directly or source specific expertise and experience from our our network. Email

Custom Models

My custom work generally breaks out into growth and revenue model customization in the Foresight templates and custom advisory services for more complex financial modeling assistance. This could include:

  • Call and screenshare for assistance in getting started and using a Foresight template for your specific situation
  • Assistance in customizing Foresight templates
  • Translate your existing models into a Foresight structure
  • Refine or review your existing model
  • Build completely custom models for forecasting and budgeting
  • Build custom cap table and waterfall analyses
  • Assist on structuring fundraising materials
  • And much more

The Standard Model’s default revenue model works for a wide variety of businesses, but in some cases a better approach is to replace the revenue structure with a fresh revenue model built from the ground up, allowing us to build the growth and revenue mechanics cleanly for your business. The Bring Your Own Model functionality in the Standard Model makes it easy and cost-effective to build a custom revenue model with minimal work required to integrated it into the financial core (financial statements, summary, key reports, cap table, valuation, and more).

If the Standard Model is not a fit, I’ve built custom models for hundreds of clients since 2005 across a wide range of businesses, from ecommerce, SaaS, advertising, digital media, content, media, retail, gaming, in-app businesses, investment funds, and more, varying from pre-Seed, Seed and Series A funded startups to mature multi-million dollar businesses.

Most custom revenue model projects are 3 to 6 hours, and priced as a per-hour or fixed price. To figure out if a custom revenue model is the right approach for you, contact me ›

For select clients, we accept equity or post-money SAFEs as compensation. Contact me to discuss.


I provide advisory modeling services to CFOs, executives, banks, VCs, and consultancies to help them with complex financial modeling challenges. I have worked on a range of projects including M&A transaction support, complex cap table and waterfall models, valuations, financial and operational planning, and complex custom data analysis in Excel.

I provide this support on a per-hour, per-project, and retainer basis. More details here ›

  1. I provide support for the free products as well, but have to prioritize my support towards paying customers and clients.