Exchanges & Upgrades

Want to exchange, upgrade to a more advanced model or downgrade to a less advanced model? Here's how.


I generally offer exchanges for similar-priced models if we determine that a different model is a better fit based on your needs. Contact me and we can figure out if a different model would be a better fit.


If you find that you need more detail or structure from a more advanced model, you can apply your purchase towards a more advanced model. The structures are fairly consistent so it’s usually fairly easy to take any inputs from your existing Foresight model and use it in a more advanced model.

It’s a manual process for me to process an upgrade purchase (charge you the difference in prices between models), and I like to talk to you first to make sure the more advanced model will be helpful for what you want to accomplish. Just contact me to learn more.


In select cases I offer downgrades to a less advanced model if the model you purchased is more than you need. Sorry, but I do not offer full refunds (here’s why). Contact me to learn more about downgrades and see if a less advanced model would be a better fit for you.

If you have any questions about the applicability of the models for your business or questions about the models, contact me anytime for a chat or a demo.