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How to Make a Budget for a Rolling Fund

Sep 3, 2022 · Best practices for effective budgeting for a rolling fund.

Taylor Davidson

CEO / Founder

On Angellist, How to Make a Budget for a Rolling Fund:

Managing a Rolling Fund isn’t all that different from operating a business. You provide a service (access to great deals) to customers (your investors) and charge money for it (with management fees and carried interest).

And just like running any other business, you need to budget in order to manage your money—and your LPs’ money—responsibly.

I’ve spent my career building financial models for startups. When I launched my Rolling Fund on AngelList, I created a budget to help forecast revenues and expenses for managing it. Here are some best practices I learned along the way.

Read the rest of the post of budgeting for the management company of rolling funds on AngelList, and download the tool at Rolling Fund Budget Template.

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