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The Statement sheets contains the financial statements typical for venture funds, the Statement of Operations, Statement of Financial Condition, and Statement of Cash Flows

The Statements sheet is constructed to create standard presentations of the consolidated financial statments typical for venture investment funds. Statement of Operations is analagous to an Income Statement, and Statement of Financial Condition is analagous to a Balance Sheet.

Funds may additionally have Statement of Partners Capital for both LPs and GPs, those statements are not generated by default in the Venture Investor Model but can be added if necessary.


There are very few inputs on this sheet, and they are not commonly used:

  • Operating and Investment Income: used by funds that have sources of revenue outside of proceeds from investments. This could include interest income, revenues from events, consulting, charging for an accelerator program, etc.
  • Escrow proceeds receivable: By default the model does not assume that any proceeds are held in escrow, you can adjust this if necessary by building your logic for escrows and using this input row. By default the model will calculate the resulting impact on the Statement of Cash Flows.
  • Capital Contributions receivable: Same logic as above; the model does not assume that any capital contributions are recognized in a different quarter in which they are received. You can use this line with your own logic if it is necessary for your model. By default the model will calculate the resulting impact on the Statement of Cash Flows.
  • Management and Operational Fees Payable: Same logic as above.
  • Payable for invesment purchase transactions: Same logic as above.
  • Cash and cash equivalents, beginning of year: This input allows you to input starting cash different than zero. It is unlikely you will use this, and it is more of a structural artifact.

Common Modifications

No common modifications, unless you are running a fund with sizable non-investment income and need to break out those income sources in more detail.