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Here's how you can download and re-download the models you purchase.

You’ll be able to download or access the model instantly after purchase. The models are Microsoft Excel™ (.xlsx) files, fully open and unlocked for editing, and can be used in Google Sheets™ and other spreadsheet programs on Macs and PCs easily.

You can re-download the model at any time by logging into this website using your account, which is automatically created for you at time of purchase. You’ll get an account confirmation, payment receipt and invoice by email after purchase.

I use Gumroad to handle transactions and distribute the model files. The files in Gumroad are active and continuously updated, and you can always download the most recent version of your model through your original Gumroad receipt. 1

  1. For purchasers prior to late 2011, I used E-Junkie to handle transactions and distribute files. Contact me and we will take care of creating a new account and giving you access to a comparable model to the one you purchased.