New updates and improvements to Foresight

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Update to the Venture Capital Model, Annual Forecast, Detailed Investment Strategy, adding in prebuilt scenario analysis. Video with how to think about scenario analysis and how to use it is linked at the product page and inside the model, and below.

  • Update to the Standard Financial Model, Runway Budgeting Tool, and Starter Financial Model, edited the timescale on Forecast sheet row 7, so that it corrects the fiscal year for the Summary sheet when the calendar year-end is not the same as the fiscal year-end. Previously, the Summary sheet would sum up the years still using calendar years rather than fiscal years, a simple change to the formula on row 7 updates this.
  • Update to the Standard Financial Model, edited Hiring Plan so it uses the timescale from Forecast sheet, instead of recalculating the timescale. All sheets link to the timescale from Forecast so that they are all consistent, previously this one was independent but now it's tied to the Forecast sheet.
  • Update to the Standard Financial Model, added a new assumption to Get Started for the revenue calculations on Revenues sheet so that the input for the starting number of revenue units is exposed on Get Started. No change in model functionality, just a slight addition to make it clearer where to make that input.

Added new page, Pricing, to make it easier to see all products, and updated homepage with a new product list and filter system,

Launched the Talent Collective to help users find professionals to assist with financial models for startups and funds, business plans, valuations, and more. Details here.

Screen recording showing new ratings and reviews section

New addition to product pages, adding category groupings (all venture capital models and all startup models) to reviews and ratings. Previously the ratings and reviews reported the ratings and reviews for each product and all products, now I've added a third section (in the middle of the ratings options) that displays the category-specific ratings and reviews for that product's category.

Created a Changelog (this page!) to track updates to products, classes, and offerings from Foresight. This page will highlight improvements to the models by surfacing the notes in each model's Changelog to the website, as well as broader updates about the company.

Thank you to Linear and Tailwind for the inspiration.

Kicked off Cohort 7 of the Cap Table and Exit Waterfall Masterclass. Next cohort to be scheduled soon.

Kicked off Cohort 3 of the How to Model Venture Funds. Next cohort to be scheduled soon.

Working with Foresight

New opportunity for financial modelers to be listed for referrals for projects. Details at Working with Foresight