New updates and improvements to Foresight

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  • Edited Forecast sheet to include a new input line for "Changes in Accounts Receivable", and edited the accounts receivable calc to use that amount if used in the model. What this does is make it easier to use the actual changes in accounts receivable in the model; previously you had to compute cash collected to back into the change in accounts receivable, now it will do it directly using the change in AR you calculate from your actual balance sheet

  • Edited line 89 (Taxes, forecast) and line 195 (Taxes, actuals + forecast) on Forecast sheet to correct an error introduced in previous version. Simple to change by adjusting those two lines.

  • Added a new Key Metrics Sheet (focused on SaaS businesses) and a few new SaaS-specific metrics on the Forecast sheet.
  • Added new Hiring Plan sheet to aid in detailing a hiring plan by putting it on a separate sheet.