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Key Reports

The Key Reports sheet consists of prebuilt charts for burn, runway, cash, sources and uses, and many other key metrics.

The Key Reports sheet is intended to be a presentation sheet rather than a calculation sheet, meaning it focuses on displaying information rather than creating forecasts. It summarizes information that is calculated elsewhere in the model.

It represents a starting point on the best way to summarize your business. Please make edits to make the summary best for you. Feel free to choose different time periods, or hide lines, or create summaries that best fit what you are trying to do. You will want to edit this sheet and the summaries for it to be best formatted for you and to optimize the look and feel for your business and projections.

How it works

All information on this sheet is pulled from the Statements or Forecast sheets.


None on this sheet.

Common Modifications

There are two common edits to this sheet:

  • Often people will want to create additional charts that they want to be pre-formatted for printing or pasting into a pitch deck or presentation, and it's common to add them on to this sheet.