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Standards-based, rock-solid financial model templates for forecasting and fundraising for any type of business.

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Models built for any type of business

The base financial model templates are built to help an entrepreneur create financial projections for any type of business. The models provide an increasing amount of prebuilt detail and structure, from the least - the free Runway and Cash Budget tool - to the most - the Standard Model. Optionally, you can extend the detail and functionality of the Standard model by adding on a module, or by building in your own growth and revenue model. The Modules provide prebuilt, easy-to-use upgrade paths if you want to add more detail: start with the Standard, and if you determine at a later stage that you want or need more detail, upgrade to a module with a simple upgrade process that does not require you to rebuild your model.

Standard Financial Model

Standard Financial Model

$149 USD

The base model for entrepreneurs of all stages to create five year forecasts, with consolidated financial statements, funding forecasts, cap tables, and returns to investors. Prebuilt to handle many types of businesses, including ecommerce, SaaS, marketplaces, advertising businesses, subscription services, retail, hardware, hardware and subscription services, consulting businesses, apps, and mixtures of different business models.

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Vertical Models

Vertical Models

$149 USD

The Standard Model preset for Ecommerce, SaaS, Services - individual SKUs and inventories for Ecommerce, multiple SaaS plans by varying contract lengths and terms, individual contracts for Services and Consulting companies.

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Venture Funds & Investors

Venture Funds & Investors

Free to $379 USD

Models built for venture investors to forecast or track their portfolio, or value a single investment.

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Free Tools

Free Tools


Free forecasting tools to help you model digital marketing, cash and runway, ecommerce sales and inventories, SaaS revenues, wholesale sales, and more.

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Made by a professional modeler with 20+ years of experience

Taylor Davidson
Founder, Foresight

I created the financial models behind Foresight so early-stage entrepreneurs can spend less time on finance and more time on their products.

  • Started building models for startups in 2000
  • Started Foresight in 2008, full-time since 2014
  • Former NYC-based venture capital investor
  • Experience in ecommerce growth and analytics
  • Former private equity analyst, strategy consulting associate
  • MBA in Finance and Accounting

I care about financial modeling because I believe that financial models can help us make critical business decisions even if the models themselves are not “always right”. Financial models can help even the earliest entrepreneurs if we build “minimum viable models” to focus on the decisions that matter most.

@tdavidson, and more about me ›

Standards you can build on.

Your business is unique. It needs a forecast that can adapt to it.

  • Open templates - no locked cells, no locked formulas - created for you modify, maintain, and use. Use the tools you are used to - Microsoft Excel™, Google Sheets™ - and all the data tools already built for those platforms.
  • Five year or three year forecasts of key operations and - in most models - three statement consolidated financial statements.
  • Start from scratch or bring your own historical financial data - Quickbooks, Xero, Freshbooks, et. al. into the model. The base template supplies you with the standards for your type of business, and if needed, you can make the edits to make your model as unique as your business.
  • Tested and used by 35,000 entrepreneurs and investors from a wide spectrum of business types, stages, countries, and experience levels.

Already have a model? Perfect.

Use your existing model and leverage the Standard Model for financial statements and standardized reporting.

  • Bring Your Own Model is a functionality that turns the Standard Model into a modular model, allowing you to easily bring or build your own revenue forecasts in with a minimum of integration effort.
  • Instead of rebuilding your revenue model, simply replace the default revenue model with your own model and integrate in minutes through the Modelhooks to use the Standard Model for your operating costs, financial statements, summaries, and key reporting.

Your on-call CFO.

Before you need a CFO, start with Foresight.

The models use a standards-based, flexible, and robust structure built to help entrepreneurs create operational forecasts and financial projections without needing senior level financial staff - not yet, at least.

I’m available to assist, from email support to full model building. I specialize in making the complicated easy; I’ve done over 175 projects over the past 3 years with companies across the world.

I work on a project basis: no need for recurring contracts or bills.

I don’t replace part-time CFOs, full-time CFOs or senior financial professionals - I help you get to the stage when you can bring them on.

For experienced financial professionals, happy to chat if you need help with complex financial modeling or spreadsheet data analysis on a project basis. Details here ›