Cap Table and Exit Waterfall Courses

Live and pre-recorded workshops and masterclass for founders, investors, and lawyers to learn the structures and math for building cap tables and exit waterfalls.

Cap tables are confusing. I've helped over 25,000 founders and venture capitalists with tools to understand how equity, convertible notes, SAFEs, and tokens impact their cap tables, dilution, and ownership. I offer a range of classes and formats for people to learn cap tables from start to finish.

The Cap Table and Exit Waterfall Masterclass includes all of the classes from Beginning Cap Tables, Intermediate Cap Tables, and Intermediate Exit Waterfalls, as well as an additional practical case study section and access to an online community only for the masterclass participants.

You can take whatever combination of class you want; you can start with any section (prerequisites not required), register for additional sections, and upgrade to the Masterclass and apply what you've paid for the sections towards the cost of the Masterclass (which is discounted compared to registering for each class separately).

Not sure what level is right for you? Contact me and I'll help you figure out the best for your goals and objectives.

Learn how you learn best

Everyone learns differently, so I structure the sessions and materials to provide opportunities for people to learn how they learn best. Active participants, quiet listeners, practical hands-on learners, all are welcome.

Join live or watch anytime

Each session can be joined live or watched on your own time. You have the option to join a live session to learn interactively and ask questions live, or watch a recording of the material covered during the sessions (or do both!). Learn how you learn best.

Live sessions are generally held on Tuesdays and Thursdays at either 10 AM or 12 PM Eastern time (UTC -4 during EDT, UTC -5) during EST, and they will repeat on a cycle approximately every four to six weeks. When you register, you'll get access to the schedule for the upcoming classes, and you can choose when you want to join live.

Of course, you can also do both. Join a live session first, and watch the recorded content to review a specific topic. Watch the recorded content and join live to ask questions. Join the live class again whenever you want to refresh or review the topic.

Practical, examples-based learning

Regardless of whether you join live or watch the prerecorded content, all participants get access to the same materials, including the slides, spreadsheets, and links to key readings and examples. The example spreadsheets are broken up into many examples so that you can learn the concepts from multiple angles and situations, and you can download them to Excel or Copy to Google Drive to use and review anytime.

Focus on first principles

The classes does not teach the cap table template, but aims to teach you the fundamentals on how to build your own models by focusing on the fundamental concepts and applying them in the mini-cases. Always available for questions and support on fund modeling afterward.

Homework not required, practice encouraged

Structured to be manageable for busy professionals with actionable takeaways that you can use in your businesses today. No homework is required, but practicing and building your own using the practice exercises is encouraged.

Interactive and examples-based

My workshops are structured to be highly interactive, with ample opportunity to ask questions and participate in building the answers to the example models we will build during each session.


Taylor Davidson, Founder, Foresight

I created the financial models behind Foresight so early-stage entrepreneurs can spend less time on finance and more time on their products. I care about financial modeling because I believe that financial models can help us make critical business decisions even if the models themselves are not “always right”. Financial models can help even the earliest entrepreneurs if we build “minimum viable models” to focus on the decisions that matter most.

More about me
  • Started building models for startups in 2000
  • Started Foresight in 2008, full-time since 2014
  • Have worked with thousands of entrepreneurs and venture funds on financial models
  • Former NYC-based venture capital investor
  • Angel investor in 100+ companies
  • Experience in ecommerce growth and analytics
  • Former private equity analyst, strategy consulting associate
  • Former professional photographer
  • MBA in Finance and Accounting