About Foresight
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Yes, financial models are always wrong, but that's not the point. This is why and how financial models are important to me. Read ›

Combining operational and financial forecasting
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Foresight's templates focus on using operational mechanics to forecast financials. Here's why. Read ›

How to Integrate Foresight with Visible
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How to Integrate Foresight with Visible Read ›

Why build a financial model?
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Financial models can help entrepreneurs make critical business decisions. But it's more about the process than the result. Read ›

Why is my revenue model not generating a revenue forecast?
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tl;dr, Check your acquisitions and conversions. Read ›

Alternatives to Foresight
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Here's a few alternatives to Foresight to help you select the best financial modeling tool for your needs, and how you can combine any template with a… Read ›

Choosing the right Foresight template
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How do you choose which Foresight template to use? The product comparison grids outline the differences in the features, and below is my perspective o… Read ›

Get Started Support
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Leverage your Foresight model and be prepared for business planning and investor conversations. I've reviewed thousands of financial models created by… Read ›

A New Foresight
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New website and new models. Here's how I rebuilt everything about Foresight. Read ›

Startups and Financial Models
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Why should you build a financial model? Read ›

Bring Your Own Model
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Foresight's Bring Your Own Model (BYOM) functionality allows you to build or bring your own growth and revenue model and easily use it to replace the … Read ›

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Modelhooks is a key feature to the Standard Model that makes the Bring Your Own Model functionality work. Here's how it works to make the process of i… Read ›